The Art Of Facilitation

3 × 8 hours Doporučený Akreditovaný

The Art Of Facilitation is a practically oriented three-day training that will clearly guide you through facilitation from A to Z. This training is accredited by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

The Art Of Facilitation is a practically oriented three-day training that will clearly guide you through facilitation from A to Z. This training is accredited by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.Do you want to be able to lead group discussions that are effective, stay on topic and lead to useful outcomes? Attend the three-day Art Of Facilitation training to gain a solid foundation for your facilitation practice and make meetings more effective for yourself and others. This training can also be tailor-made for you as an in-person or online training.

Who is the training for?

The Art Of Facilitation is for all those who lead or participate in a variety of meetings and who care about the quality of communication. They may be managers in a corporate environment, members of project teams, lecturers or leaders in public administration or other areas. This training is designed for those who want to put their existing experience into a clear framework. It will also be appreciated by those who are just starting out in facilitation.

We also offer The Art Of Facilitation as a tailor-made course for your team or organisation. We adapt the course content to your actual needs and to specific situations in your practice.

What will you learn at the training?

  • how facilitation works and when it is appropriate to use it
  • what is important when preparing for a meeting
  • how to activate and motivate participants
  • how to guide the group through the different phases of facilitation
  • how to keep participants on topic and use meeting time effectively
  • specific techniques for information gathering, analysis and decision making
  • how to work with a group of diverse personalities
  • how to prevent conflicts
  • how to respond confidently to challenging situations
  • how to work creatively with notetaking and visualisation

Training content

This training consists of three full-day modules with a weekly interval.

Day 1 – starting with facilitation

During the introductory day, participants will discover what is meant by facilitation and how they can use it in their practice. They will learn what the role of a neutral facilitator includes and how to deal with situations where they are also a colleague, a supervisor or an expert. They will practice how to collect information effectively and prevent misunderstandings.

Day 2 – leading the facilitation process

Participants will learn about the different stages of facilitation and their principles. They will practice guiding through the whole process in model situations and we will specifically focus on what to say in the introduction. We will look at working with time – how to allocate it and how to actually get everything done. Participants will experience three inspiring ways to guide the group through the decision-making process.

Day 3 – working with the group

The final day will be dedicated to working with the group. We will focus on creating a safe environment. We will learn how to activate participants and keep their attention throughout the meeting. We will discuss what to do when challenging situations may arise in practice. Participants will practice how to gracefully interrupt someone who is speaking at length, unclearly, or going off topic.

Form and flow of the training

This training is practical and interactive. Participants are engaged in a variety of group and individual exercises, discussions and reflections throughout the training. Key tools are trained in model situations. The training also includes trainer’s demos, which allow participants to experience in an authentic way how we, at Edutica, facilitate.

We use the time between each day of the training to connect new knowledge with practice and work on simple tasks. The limited number of participants allows us to maintain an individual approach.

After the training, participants will receive the trainer’s flipchart in electronic form, as well as recommendations for professional literature and other sources of information.

Accreditation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

The course is accredited by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs under the accreditation number A2019 / 1306-VP.

The Art of Facilitation: tailor-made training

We also offer The Art Of Facilitation as a tailor-made training, tailored to the needs of your organisation or team. We can help you to identify key topics and design training customization that best reflects your needs and other options. We offer the bespoke The Art Of Facilitation is offered in a basic three-day form or a shortened two-day version. An online option is also available as a matter, of course.

Get in touch with us for a free customised training offer.

What is facilitation

Facilitation is a way of communicating that leads to efficiency, understanding and improved collaboration. It can be used for small meetings, large meetings and meetings with hundreds of participants. The facilitator plays a key role in preparing the meeting and then guiding the participants safely through it.